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Joker & Silas


It's now confirmed that the Joker / 4AD connection isn't just for a single – the mythical British label will also release an album by the purple sound master. Last night, the Bristol artist uploaded “Slaughterhouse” (his already known collaboration with vocalist Silas Bjerregård, from Danish band Turboweekend) to his YouTube channel, with the following comment: “2nd single from forthcoming album THE VISION”. The fact that the first stills from the “video” are the logo of the label (created by Ivo Watts-Russell), is the definitive proof. On November 7, 4AD will release Joker's first full-length. Right now we have no further details on the project, so we'll just have to make do with this track – which we’ve heard on several mixes already - for now. However: in spite of the potentially brilliant cross of dubstep and pop, it doesn't completely live up to what we'd expect from such a decisive label switch.

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