Joker (Ft. Jessie Ware) Joker (Ft. Jessie Ware)


Joker (Ft. Jessie Ware)

The Vision (Let Me Breathe)

Joker (Ft. Jessie Ware)  The Vision (Let Me Breathe)

The London Boiler Room has become the beating heart of the bass scene. It’s where every DJ and producer needs to go, to play in the big league of British post-rave electronica. Plus, all performances are broadcast live - video included - making it a must for those addicted to broken beats and bass frequencies, hunting for the newest dubplates. Last Tuesday, the guest was the chief ambassador of the purple sound, Joker. Aware of his privileged position, the Bristolian chose to close his set with a very special track - inviting Jessie Ware to sing “The Vision” live. She’s top of her game. He, however, seemed more preoccupied with getting his stuff to go home. Regardless, the result was big. “The Vision (Let Me Breathe)” is the main track on Joker’s first release on 4AD. The 12” is available now.

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