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Jargon V. A

Dissapoint You feat. Tinie Tempah

Jargon V. A  Dissapoint You feat. Tinie Tempah Who hasn’t suffered the power abuse or arrogance of the authorities, at some point in their life? The thing is, in those situations, karma works instantly, without waiting for reincarnations, as in this funny video. On the other hand, who hasn’t suffered the chemical abuse of some friend, those moment when our instincts make us overly protective of the friend in question and embarrassment takes over? Unfortunately, in those cases, karma can’t do anything for you. The lesson taught by Jargon V.A, the project of Cem Ripper and Mensa, in the video of the track “Disappoint You”, a hybrid song ( “Two parts street stereo, one part raver and one part festival moshpit”, in the words of its authors) that features vocals by Tinie Tempah. The idea and realisation is by Studio Murmur.

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