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James Blake  Lindisfarne For many Spanish fans of James Blake, time stopped when they found out he would be performing at San Miguel Primavera Sound. However, time is still going on around the young Briton. His self-titled album reaches promotional maturity now with a video telling the tale of a group of adolescents. Summer friendships, rites of passage, stolen looks that talk of first loves, war wounds in exploration games and other pre-adulthood ramblings meet on “Lindisfarne”, a song divided into two parts on the album, but united for the occasion of Blake’s new single. The video makes you fantasise about what our own adolescent summers would have been like with James Blake’s music on our walkman. And if not, it makes you want to see this man live in a few weeks. If you still haven’t got your San Miguel Primavera Sound ticket, you can get it here.

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