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James Blake

I Never Learnt To Share

James BlakeThe song is not exactly new (click here and you’ll find the title closing the tracklist of a minimix that, back in the Spring of 2009, sought to introduce the then newcomer James Blake). Now it’s here again in an extended and improved version. “I Never Learnt To Share” is a two-tempo song, with a first part devoted to the searing vocals of a confessional Blake (“ My brother and my sister don’t speak to me. And I don’t blame them,” he says over and over again), and a second part, after more or less two minutes, in which that soulful voices rests on a frugal base halfway between jazz-funk—in a minimal, skewed version—and a post-dubstep aware of it’s own wonkyness. Will this song be included on Blake’s debut album? We’ll see…

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