James Blake & Bon Iver James Blake & Bon Iver


James Blake & Bon Iver

Fall Creek Boys Choir

Bon Iver + James Blake About a week ago, James Blake surprised us by announcing his collaboration with Bon Iver on Twitter. Since yesterday, we can hear the first results of their little get-together. The initial thing that draws our attention is that the two gifted vocalists decided not to mix their crystalline voices, leaving the affair as a Blake production sung by Vernon; quite a treat in itself. A melancholic piano, dry rhythm and vocal juggling through the (excessive?) use of the Auto-tune - on a song that is pure electrified unhappiness. It was always obvious that Blake and Vernon are kindred spirits; “Fall Creek Boys Choir” only confirms that. Now we'll have to wait for more. In October, “Enough Thunder” will be released, another Blake composition that appears to be in collaboration with Bon Iver.

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