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Jackmaster / Deadboy

Disko404 Podcast / Numbers Podcast / Fireworks (Slo-mo House Edit)

JackmasterAnother weekend is on its way, and because our muscles and your muscles -numb from so many hours in front of a computer- want to sway and dance a little, we’d like to share with you two of the latest tracks from Numbers. To start off, Jackmaster has contributed a heterogeneous session (old soul, hip hop, garage and UK funky) to the Disko404 podcast series. As a main course, Numbers has dropped the set Deadboy offered on 20th June in Barcelona at the party the Desparrame crew threw to close Sonar 2010 Festival. And for dessert, there’s the edit Deadboy has made of Drake’s “Fireworks”. The track has been available online for some months, but it’s only now being released on vinyl, on Cash Antics Vol 2 to be more precise, the impending eighth release by the Well Rounded label.

Deadboy . Numbers Podcast 034.mp3
Drake Fireworks (deadboy slo mo house edit)

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