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Ital + Cuticle

Quens/Approaching Global

The dance virus keeps spreading across the more experimentally-inclined parts of the North American indie scene. Punks converted to the faith of glamorous disco (Italians Do It Better), noiseniks become acid freaks (No Fun Acid), new Goths with rhythm boxes (the lighter sections of witch house, with oOoOO and Balam Acab at the front), bedroom projects that pair improvisation with hypnotic House (Teengirl Fantasy) and so on. And now there’s a new label, 100% Silk, led by Amanda Brown, ex-Pocahaunted, soul of L.A. Vampires, and, along with Britt Brown, co-owner of the Not Not Fun label. The declaration of intent of 100% Silk is more than clear. Its mission is to release 12” singles on 45 RPM of “diamond-life dance & bliss-disco & basement luxury grooves”. In other words, shots of danceable psychedelica and gloomy disco. The first two releases, by Ital and The Deeep, are already available via their blog. Cuticle will release the third one shortly {soundcloud}{/soundcloud} {vimeo width="100%" height=273"}18644339 {/vimeo}

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