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Illum Sphere / B. Bravo

KO-OTZ + Bubble Shower

Illum Sphere / B. Bravo The second day of the campaign, the second batch of presents from Bleep and Sónar (if you don’t know what we’re talking about, click here). This time, the candy comes from Illum Sphere and B. Bravo. The man from Manchester, head honcho of label and club Hoya:Hoya, offers a track as turbulent and chaotic as it is addictive, full of sirens and chacachacas (those rhythm boxes that seem to be infected by St. Vitus) with which he remembers his hip-hop past. B. Bravo contributes with “Bubble Showers”. It’s a smooth and funky ballad, sensually groovy: perfect for the films of Erika Lust. Both artists will be playing at the SonarDome, backed by Red Bull Music Academy (Illum on Saturday 18th and B. Bravo on Friday 17th), at Sónar Barcelona. You can get your tickets here. Download the tracks here (be quick, they’ll only be available until 1 pm). Illum Sphere - KO-OTZ - Sonar x Bleep MP3 Give-away by

B. Bravo - Bubble Showers - Sonar x Bleep MP3 Give-away by

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