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Dance With The Wolves / Fakir / Taxi (I-Tone Remix)

I-Tone  Dance With The Wolves / Fakir / Taxi (I-Tone Remix)

More Russian beats. I-Tone has just made his album debut, “13”, released by Ritmo Sportivo. The record contains 13 abstract instrumental hip-hop tracks in a cosmic and eerie vein, with a touch of California meets Oriental sounds. As an appetiser, we leave you with three of the tracks on “13”. If you like what you hear, you can download the album at a nice price from the Ritmo Sportivo website. If you prefer a physical copy, there is a CD version, albeit only available in Russian stores. So we’re afraid you’ll have to make do with the digital remedy, unless you’re from there or have someone who can send it to you, of course.

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