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Hype Williams

But Life Goes on Nahmean

In a new chapter in their incessant game of mirrors, a few days ago Hype Williams uploaded “ But Life Goes on Nahmean” for free download from the SoundCloud page of their press officer, Deena Frances. The song was signed as Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland and was only online for a few hours. Now it's back in a new version, under the Hype Williams moniker and what's more, labelled as the first advance track off their new album, to be released in 2012. The track is a new twist in the sound of the couple, poppier than ever. Confusing, out of focus, exuberant and lysergic, yes, but a pop song from start to finish. We want more.

Hype Williams - But Life Goes on Nahmean by Sound Injections

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