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Transmissions from a Wistful Place

How to Dress Well  Transmissions from a Wistful Place

In the blink of an eye, it went as soon as it came. Domino Records’ “ pop-up radio” ended last Sunday, after seven days of non-stop programming that featured more than one great moment of broadcasting. For example, How to Dress Well responded to Domino’s invitation with an exclusive mix called “Transmissions From a Wistful Place”, on which, apart from other people’s tracks (seasoned with trademark respiration, mumbling and effects), there was also room for two new portions ( “How Many” and “Suicide Dream 3”) of their nebulous, decomposing R'n'B. Tom Krell offered up his mix on Twitter, so get it if you want it. Also, watch the Domino Radio space, as in the coming days they’ll be uploading the archives of the run.

How To Dress Wellwill be appearing at Sónar 2011. The Festival will take place from 16 th to 18th June at the CCCB in Barcelona, the Fira Gran Via in L’Hospitalet, L’Auditori in Barcelona and the Teatre Grec in Barcelona. Tickets are on sale here. Transmissions from a Wistful Place - mixtape by How to Dress Well for Domino Radio by disconaivete

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