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Hot Chip

I Feel Better (feat. Bonnie Prince Billy)

Hot ChipIn March this year, Hot Chip released “I Feel Bonnie”, a rework of “I Feel Better” aimed for the dance floor, transformed into a sort of an afro-progressive, minimal funky house with the help of Will Oldham, the king of American alt-folk. Now the original version of the song, with a more contained rhythm and atmosphere, has been given a curious visual treatment. As if it were a “making of”, it shows them in the breaks during the song’s recording process, with Alexis Taylor, Joe Goddard and Oldham himself relaxing in the garden of the house-studio, taking care of babies and dancing like you do when you think no one’s looking. It makes you feel a bit embarrassed sometimes, in a good way. Everything is so natural, laid-back and anti-cool that you end up smiling with complicity.

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