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Holy Other  Know Where

The video isn’t official, but it gives us yet another excuse to insist on the attraction of “With U”, the EP which kick-starts the relationship between Holy Other and Tri Angle Records. Moreover, we think the imagery, footage from the film “Black Garden” by Austrian film maker Dietmar Brehm, goes wonderfully with the sweet nostalgia and introspective sound of the enchanting mix of misty R&B, lazy post-dubstep and discoloured pop (hypnagogia, if you prefer) that he makes. Holy Other will be performing at Sónar Barcelona on Friday 17th June. Don’t miss it. Holy Other will be appearing at Sónar 2011. The Festival will take place from 16 th to 18th June at the CCCB in Barcelona, the Fira Gran Via in L’Hospitalet, L’Auditori in Barcelona and the Teatre Grec in Barcelona. Tickets are on sale here.

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