El Guincho El Guincho


El Guincho


El GuinchoOne of the songs of the year deserved one of the videos of the year. Nicolás Méndez is here to give us some poetic justice by way of a video for El Guincho: A provocative and intriguing clip that goes beyond promotional functionalism to set a foot—perhaps two feet—in video art territory. Some will say this is a “NSFW” video, and not because of those scenes of desire and paraphilia, but of those girls determined to show us their bosoms. No, the video doesn’t fit with your working environment because a soon as you watch it, you’ll want to leave the office, break your routine and take to the street in search for some adventure. Stay alert because this video is just the fraction of something which promises to be much bigger. Are you ready for Bombay: The Movie? Photo by Adriá Cañameras.

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