Gucci Vamp/Para One Gucci Vamp/Para One


Gucci Vamp/Para One

Shashtilism/Toadstoll (LOL Boys Remix)

Gucci Vamp/Para OneFor the latest of their always interesting CD Sampler Series, the people of Scion A/V have focussed their attention on the Sound Pellegrino brand, the imprint set up by Teki Latex and DJ Orgasmic early last year to release dance music. The association of both companies has now resulted in a short compilation called “Straight From the Spring”, downloadable for free by clicking here. Just so you know it’s worth it, here are two of our favourite tracks off the album, by Gucci Vamp and Para One.

Gucci Vamp – “Shashtilism” Para One - “Toadstoll (LOL Boys Remix)”

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