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An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds

On the 31st of October Gold Panda's contribution to the “DJ-Kicks” series will come out. And as the tradition prescribes, the selector's exclusive track on the mix CD, has now been revealed. Take a deep breath and repeat after me: “ An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds”. That's the title and it's no wonder Derwin has chosen the tune to open the set. Its careful unfolding is the perfect introduction to the rest of the material - and it manages to capture the producer's sound in all its detail in the little less than six minutes of its duration. Chimes-driven melodies and dry percussion make for enchanted forest-like moods. Now let's see if he maintains that level on the rest of the mix.

An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds by Gold Panda

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