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Gold Panda keeps touring the world presenting the honey-sweet taste of his acclaimed “Lucky Shiner” (Ghostly International, 2010), but in the meantime he hasn’t stopped handing out new pieces of intoxicated IDM candy. The British producer has uploaded “MPB” for everybody to download as they please. The piece is reminiscent of the sound halfway between delicacy and ruggedness that made his second album one of the most enjoyable of last year. This time, however, Derwin reinforces the inherent “sweetness” (or maybe we should say a certain candid pastoral state) present in all of his songs, with beats and wonky arpeggios, in a new sidestep to the confrontation between meekness and roughness in his work. The boy’s in good shape, and we recommend you don’t pass this one up. It’s only one click away.

MPB by Gold Panda

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