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All Day Part. 1 ? Oh No

Girl Talk Girl Talk records don’t usually arrive unaccompanied. We’re not talking about critical acclaim or the hullabaloo from the public (though those are routine as well), but about the efforts of various third parties to do their thing with the record. The case of “All Day” (Illegal Art, 2010) is no different. Just a few hours after its release there were already people getting busy with the list of samples used on Girl Talk’s latest. Now, Brandon Driscoll-Luttringer does something similar, if only in a visual way. Brandon is creating a “visual track” to accompany the complete “All Day”. For now, we’ll leave you with the first part of the project. If Gillis’ cut-and-paste effort is an example of patience and the ability to fit pieces taken from here and there together, the work on “All Day Part. 1 – Oh No” isn’t any less accomplished and worthy.

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