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Mindkilla (4AD Session)

Gang Gang Dance  Mindkilla (4AD Session)

Last Monday, “Eye Contact”, the fascinating fifth studio album by Gang Gang Dance (and their first for 4AD) was released. On the new effort, the New Yorkers’ sound is more compact and spot on than ever, giving us reason for calling it one of the most exciting records of the year. In the wake of its release, the band was invited to do a 4AD Session. They went into the Angelic Studios in Banbury, in the heart of rural England, in early April, to perform, surrounded by mirrors, four of their new songs: “Chinese High”, “Glass Jar”, “Adult Goth/Bond” and “Mindkilla”. Here’s one of them. Armed with a mix of synths and “organic” instruments, Lizzi Bougatsos and company offer an epic version of “Mindkilla”, taking its duration up to fifteen minutes in a jam of astral proportions, with almost cathartic results. More to the point on record, equally travelling live. San Miguel Primavera Sound 2011 takes place on 25 and 29 May at Poble Español, and from 26 to 28 May at Parc del Forum in Barcelona. Tickets are on sale here.

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