Ford & Lopatin exclusive Ford & Lopatin exclusive


Ford & Lopatin exclusive

Live @ San Miguel Primavera Sound 2011

Ford & Lopatin Some people might have been shocked to see that on Friday 27th May, when Ford & Lopatin were playing on the Pitchfork stage at San Miguel Primavera Sound, there wasn’t a single analogue synthesiser, which we associate so much with the world of Daniel Lopatin, in sight. We, however, thoroughly enjoyed the freeze-dried and synthetic live performance (using samplers and MIDI equipment to construct virtual reality passages) of the pop and electronica the two nostalgia fans make. If you couldn’t be there that day, or if you want to relive the moment, here we leave you with the audio recording of the concert Ford & Lopatin gave at San Miguel Primavera Sound 2011. Pump up the volume and get ready for some floating on a strange cloud of dense goodness. {mp3}Ford and Lopatin Primavera sound{/mp3}

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