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Seven Stars (preview)

Fennesz - Seven Stars Considering who he is - and keeping in mind how much time has gone by without any news from him - one could expect more ostentation. But no, the new EP (or mini album, depending on how you look at it) by Fennesz is released with little fuss. Or at least, a lot less than you would expect. It’s not down to the quality - on “Seven Stars” the man from Vienna delivers some of the most melodic moments of his career. Four short pieces merging acoustic and electric guitars, synths, bass and drums (all meticulously treated digitally, of course). To give you an idea of the sound, we leave you with the sample below, featuring extracts from the four tracks on the EP. The record will be available on 10” vinyl and digital as from next Monday. The CD will be out in September, on Touch.

fennesz - seven stars (album preview) by experimedia

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