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Hip Love / Hip Love (Jamie xx Remix)

FaltyDLAfter bulking up –his productions may sound dynamic, light and fibrous, but you know that muscle weighs more than fat – the catalogues of Rush Hour, Fifty Weapons and Planet Mu in 2010, FaltyDL is back on Ramp Recordings. While we’re waiting for his second album, the New Yorker offers us two pieces that are hard to resist. Dyslexic broken garage, off-kilter and with late-night soul vocals –in the vein of Burial, only cleaner– on the title track, and approximations to fat funk and wonky techno by an ever more versatile Jamie xx on the flipside. Run to Ramp’s online store to get the 12” advance copies. The single will be released officially on digital and vinyl formats at the end of February.

FaltyDL - “Hip Love”

FaltyDL - “Hip Love (Jamie xx Remix)”

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