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My Friends Will Always Say

FaltyDLAfter closing last year with two releases on Ramp, and opening the season last February with “All In The Place” via Rush Hour, FaltyDL returns to the Planet Mu fold to put out not one, but two new 12”. On 12th September, Endeavour will see the light: three songs that reflect the most laid-back IDMesque side of Lustman. But earlier by the space of a week, Phreqaflex will hit the street, a triangular offer that will re-introduce the good work of this New Yorker when he sets foot in two-step territory. Closing this EP will be “My Friends Will Always Say”, a cut that is halfway between half-step and the post-garage of hazy ascending Burialista, although here the voices are incarnate, renouncing spectral lightness to find a more soulful spirit.

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