Eugene McGuinness Covers Lana Del Rey Eugene McGuinness Covers Lana Del Rey


Eugene McGuinness Covers Lana Del Rey

This is how “Blue Jeans” sounds in the Englishman’s hands

Since Lana Del Rey has become a mass phenomenon, remixes of her most famous songs just keep bubbling up. Birds of varying feathers have taken the plunge and done live covers of the “gangsta Lolita”. Now, Englishman Eugene McGuinness has taken it a little further: if our memory serves, he’s the first to record a studio version of one of the New Yorker’s most famous songs, “ Blue Jeans”, which also comes to us with its own video clip, directed by Tim Kelly. What will Lana think of the result? We’ll know soon enough. For the time being, the cover has served to attract our attention towards McGuinness’ new album, “ The Invitation To The Voyage”, which will be out on 6th August via Domino.

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