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Wind Up (2000F & J Kamata Remix)

You’ll know 2000F & J Kamata from their releases on Hyperdub, particularly that G-funk meets science fiction that is “You Don't Know What Love Is”, the flip side of the split single that brought us Joker’s majestic “Digidesign”. After their more recent toxic electro-funk and chiptune offerings, the couple now sign a remix for Encore which, oddly enough, doesn’t bring us new doses of bass but instead chooses to leave them out. And that was exactly what needed to be done. The original tune, R&B beefed-up with wooblestep, gets a reinvention in their hands as a deeper, more mental yet subtle grimey gem. That doesn’t mean that your bass speakers aren’t going to vibrate, though. Rest assured, they will be jumping.{soundcloud}http://soundcloud.com/islandrecordsuk/wind-up-2000f-j-kamata-remix-1{/soundcloud}

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