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Eleven TigersIntroducing yourself to society through a partnership with Joker and TRG is known as starting off on the right foot these days. Getting to the sixth release of a catalogue including tracks with Forsaken, El-B, Hyetal or Headhunter is symptomatic of professionalism and good taste. Having gained our attention with a 12”, the Soul Motive label is now seeking to offer their good tonic through the long player format. The signature track on that first album entitled “ Clouds Are Mountains”, is by none other than Jokubas Dargis, aka Eleven Tigers, a young Lithuanian-born producer who seems determined to marry the humid mists 2step sewn skeletons by Burial, with Talk Talk’s "Spirit of Eden"(1988), Porter Ricks " Biokinetics " (Chain Reaction, 1996), and the whistling atmospheres of Loscil or Tim Hecker . At the bottom of this thread you can listen to from beginning to end "Clouds Are Mountains", an album that opens with this sub-aquatic wonder entitled " Open Mirror".

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