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Fuzzed / The Creek

E.A.R.L.We know very little about E.A.R.L., except that the man is based in Amsterdam (we believe his real name is Àrmann Woodruff, but it may as well be an alias) and that he prefers to present himself as the instrumental agent of a second party. A third party, named Fukuota this time, has come forwards with the description: “It is told that it was born in the woods somewhere in Germany. It is connected closely to nature in general and animals especially. There is the ability to speak (the human way) in his neural system but it is buried under thick layers of instincts and life saving mechanisms so its not used that often. The creature is communicating through strange noises, at least for humans they might be strange for the creatures itself and animals they are a perfectly normal way of exchanging information.” It just so happens those noises sound like throbbing electronica, wonkiness-laden fractured beats and retro-futuristic breaths. Both tracks will be released through Musik aus Strom.

E.A.R.L. - “Fuzzed”

E.A.R.L. - “The Creek”

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