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Out of Time/Vavilon Joint

DzaItalian label Error Broadcast are about to release their second “beat-tape”- look out for it from May the 31st- which has been doing entirely by Dza a.k.a Dzhem from Moscow: old member of post-punk band In a Nutshell, top dog at indie label How2make Records and recent collaborator with Shadow Huntaz, Om'Mas Keith from Sa-Ra, Aloe Blacc or Mujuice. Just graduated from the Red Bull Music Academy London 2010, Dza has put together in “Five-Finger Discount” sixteen lessons in a very particular wonky grammar of epic and cosmic sketching: by looking after the textures, by compressing basslines and beats to the limit of distortion. As the RBMA people say, this could easily come from the hacked communications of an old Russian satellite.

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