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Dream Cop


Have you ever crossed paths with some lost soul, some outcast, some charming junkie or a handsome young homeless that made you think, “what if I invite him or her to my place, offer them a shower, a meal and a bed and... well, bed him or her?” Am I right? Well, not to act like your mother and scare you or anything, but you never know what’s hiding behind a person’s face. Tell that to the sweet old granny in the “Marooned” video, because who’s going to put her at ease now she’s found out that her curious lodgers, those sweet creatures she found playing in the woods, have rapidly finished off half of her party guests. Good intentions are great and everything, but sometimes they’re not enough to resolve a situation the way you would like to.. The songs is the first Dream Cop EP, entitled “Daily Mirage”, for Tough Love.

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