Downliners Sekt exclusive Downliners Sekt exclusive


Downliners Sekt exclusive

Live @ Sónar 2011

Downliners Sekt

Downliners Se k t’s performance at the recent Sónar festival was the settling of an old debt. In a way, their (triumphant) passage put the finishing touches to a process of transformation and constant evolution that has brought the enigmatic duo (based in Barcelona) to the top of the international electronic music scene’s bass arena. The high levels of excitement displayed on their three most recent EPs (a trilogy) filled the SónarComplex, with the front rows largely packed out with foreigners and more than one “professional listener” (journalists, people from booking agencies, labels). As far as we could see, people were into it. If you couldn’t be there, here’s the exclusive recording of the concert. Pump up the volume and let it infect you.

{mp3}Downliners Sekt Sonar 2011{/mp3}

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