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Real Love (Pional Remix) / (Narcisse Remix)

DeloreanA well-tended craft will eventually bear fruits (at least, that’s what we want to believe). Look at Delorean, having their festival season all over Spain and Portugal before departing for a new North-American trip that will take them all over the USA and Canada, alongside their friends Lemonade. In the middle of this logistical muddle, True Panther has just released a new single by the band, “Real Love”, which includes remixes by The Field, Deadboy, ARP, Tiedye, Narcisse and Pional. The single, stretched to an EP, is out digitally and on 12” vinyl in a limited run of 500 numbered copies, which you can buy here.

Delorean - Real Love (Pional Remix)

Delorean - Real Love (Narcisse Remix)

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