Dan Deacon Releases A Video For “True Thrush” Dan Deacon Releases A Video For “True Thrush”


Dan Deacon Releases A Video For “True Thrush”

The visual version of the game “Chinese Whispers”

Last week, this second advance from “America” left us with a pleasant taste in our mouths. It was as if Dan Deacon had gone out for a walk one afternoon and on the way - caressed by the sweet sun, distracted by the carefree harmony of his surroundings - had forgotten to be weird, to always want to complicate everything. So we imagined Deacon smiling, opening his arms as if they were wings as he walks more and more quickly, until managing to get his feet off the ground. We saw Deacon gliding, radiantly overlooking a multicolour Baltimore from the sky as he sang “True Thrush” and greeted the children waving to him from the ground to get his attention. Although the video for the song uses images radically different from those that we imagined, it also gives off this feeling of an almost childlike lack of concern, innocent pleasure. The video is based on the “Chinese Whispers” game, where the participants have fun listening to a message that is distorted as it is whispered by one person to the next all the way around the circle. The idea is the same, but here it’s the eyes that count.

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