Darkstar exclusive recording Darkstar exclusive recording


Darkstar exclusive recording

Live @ San Miguel Primavera Sound 2011

Darkstar  Live @ San Miguel Primavera Sound 2011

With our heads still full of memories and flashbacks, we’re looking back on some the best things of this past edition of San Miguel Primavera Sound. Like Darkstar, for example, who performed their electronic intrigue full of pulsating basslines, intimate atmospheres and almost poppy melodies on one of the smallest stages of the festival. James Young, Aiden Whalley and James Buttery sounded a bit more solid than on their record, seasoning their vision of synth-pop with basslines so deep and hypnotic that they stopped us from thinking at times. This is how Darkstar sounded on 28th May at the Jägermeister-Vice stage at the Barcelona Fòrum. {mp3}Darkstar Primavera Sound{/mp3}

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