Dananananaykroyd x Noisey Dananananaykroyd x Noisey


Dananananaykroyd x Noisey

The Flapper (24 JUL 2011 / Birmingham)

Dananananaykroyd are from the fertile grounds of Glasgow, although they kind of disconnect themselves from their home town scene, as guitarist David Roy (formerly of the fascinating Text Adventure) says to the cameras of Noisey. “Glasgow has become sort of a post-Franz Ferdinand wasteland. Far too many bands taking themselves far too seriously.” Because the band just wants to have fun, without wanting to be too cool for school. On his part, his band mate Duncan Robertson takes the opportunity to explain the unpronounceable stage name, admitting that it was a joke they sometimes regret. Even so, “I still like it. I think it’s ridiculous,” says Robertson. The video also features some of Dananananaykroyd's fans enjoying their frantic gigs. One of them confesses: “I’ve seen them four times before. And each time they’ve made me take my top off.” If you want to see what the Glaswegian noise-rockers are all about, check the video below.

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