Dâm-Funk / Steve Arrington Dâm-Funk / Steve Arrington


Dâm-Funk / Steve Arrington

Hood Pass Intact / I Be Trippin

Dâm-Funk  Steve ArringtonForgetting one’s origins is not a good thing to do, we all know that. That’s why, instead of appearing in photographs in airports, and packed clubs surrounded by girls, with his most famous friends, the affable Damon G. Riddick prefers to show us his hood, his routines. So there he is at home, killing hours on the porch searching through countless boxes for dark vinyl albums, strolling Los Angeles’ rundown streets, greeting and sharing smiles with everyone who crosses his way. The moral of the story is that if you give love, people around you will give you even more in return. Stay alert for the near future of the “boogie ambassador”: a new album has been announced for release in early 2011 by veteran Steve Arrington (the former singer of Slave, one of Damon’s favourite bands), produced entirely by Dâm-Funk.

Steve Arrington & Dam-Funk - “I Be Trippin”

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