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Transparency (How To Dress Well Remix)

How To Dress Well

This past January, How To Dress Well and Grimes played a few concerts together. During one of them, in Montreal, Tom Krell (the man behind HTDW) got to know Chris d'Eon. The spark was immediate and Chris asked Tom to remix “Transparency”, D'Eon’s contribution to the split single with Grimes that has just been released by Hippos In Tanks in collaboration with Arbutus. Rather than a remix, we should call it a cover, as Krell himself takes care of the vocals on his version of the track. As Krell explains it, he “tried to imagine a space between us.” Where is the intersection between their worlds? Well, it sounds like galactic R’n’B crossed with New Age. As Krell adds, the song has “kind of got like a sad National Geographic vibe to it.” We don’t know exactly what he means, but apart from labels and descriptions, the remix is delicious. And downloadable for free, too.

d'Eon - Transparency (How to Dress Well Rework) by Hippos In Tanks

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