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Sing/T is T N

altIf we told you to listen to this without any information, you might think Cutoff!Cutoff! are from East London, surrounded by the new generation of Burialist producers. You wouldn’t be wrong, although you should know that Cutoff!Cutoff!’s vibes have their origin in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany. But the boy has spent the past two years sucking on bass frequencies in London, Berlin and New York, moving on from his previous sound –with more electro-banger tendencies, according to his label– towards the direction of a kind of very promising “mellow 2step”. His first EP, “Sing”, has just been released as the third reference number of young label Spontaneous Rhythm. You can get the record here. {soundcloud}{/soundcloud}{soundcloud}{/soundcloud}

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