Cubic Zirconia feat. Lex Cubic Zirconia feat. Lex


Cubic Zirconia feat. Lex

Hoes Come Out At Night

Cubic Zirconia

After the jungle fever of “Josephine”, Cubic Zirconia are back to reclaim our attention with the mystical and mysterious bass rap with a digi-dub cadence of “Hoes Come Out At Night”. The track has been released digitally (complemented with remixes by Ikonika, House Of Blow and Burt Fox) through Don't Cry Recordings, and it will be the main cut on a new 12” for Night Slugs on which the aforementioned remix by Ikonica will be accompanied by a new acid-bassline banger credited jointly to Bok Bok and Nick Hook. The video was directed by Tiombe Lockhart herself, the singer and most intriguing presence of Cubic Zirconia.

Cubic Zirconia - Hoes Come Out At Night (Ikonika Remix)

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