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You feat. Nina Sky

Creep  You feat. Nina Sky

Finally one of those collaborations you want to die for without even having heard it is here. After their magnificent “Days” on Young Turks, New Yorkers Creep talked about their next single, saying that Nina Sky would guest on it. Our imaginations started running wild, partly because of the Albino twin sisters’ strange musical course over the years. In the end, the result sounds a lot more predictable (but no less enjoyable) than we would have liked. It’s not far from the friendliest side of witch house and the dark wave so in fashion these days; however, Nina Sky put their R’n’B stamp on the track with some vocals much in the vein of En Vogue, SWV or another nineties girl band. Never-ending black and white for the official video, a bit of blood and the four girls dressed like Cure fans against the backdrop of long corridors. Scary.

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