Craft Spells x Noisey Craft Spells x Noisey


Craft Spells x Noisey

Berbati’s (6 MAY 2011 / Portland)

The new episode of the mini documentary series by Noisey starts with a suspicious looking guy explaining the essence of Craft Spells. And we weren’t wrong: it’s the Pacific Ocean breeze. In fact, Justin Paul Vallesteros loves the American west coast so much that he started his gig at Berbati’s in Portland on 6th May saying, “It’s good to be back in the Pacific Northwest”. Members of the band and friends from groups like Ghost Animal discuss the state of things in music in North America and the power of Internet to connect bands and scenes. For the lovers of curiosities, here’s a nice one: the band’s drummer is only 17 years old. “It’s pretty cool,” says Vallesteros. Apart from getting to know friends and fans, you can see live footage of some of their best songs, such as “After The Moment” and “Party Talk”. We want more, Noisey.

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