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Cosmin TRG

Tower Block / Béton Brut

Cosmin TRGSome go for urban pop and the crossover with commercial intentions. No problem. There’s always people like the Romanian Cosmin Nicolae, aka Cosmin TRG ,keeping a cool head, maintaining his dark focus, and working on new mutations out of his laboratory that keep alive the surprise dynamic of that-which-came-after-dubstep. On his first 12” for Hemlock (which will be released on 16th August), TRG gives us a sound that is reduced, deboned, mechanical and brutal. It has as much to do with the darkness of the first sounds from Croydon as it does with the new UK funky house or the idea of minimalist, fractured, techno of the 90’s from Profan.

Cosmin TRG - Tower Block

Cosmin TRG - Béton Brut

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