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Be True (Burial Remix)

CommixRead it: “Burial Remix”. Does that mean Mr. Bevan is offering something new? Erm, no, not quite. The elusive South Londoner is still crouching out of sight, hidden from view, but we’ll take what we can get... Commix, the drum’n’bass duo from Cambridge, have compiled a selection of remixes artists such as Instra:mental, Pangaea, dBridge, Sigha, Marcel Dettmann, Underground Resistance and Burial have made of some of the tunes from their album, Call To Mind (Metalheadz, 2007). The Burial remix, of which you can hear a fragment below, will be released on 12” in advance of the album “Re: Call to Mind”, which is set for a 4thOctober release on Metalheadz.

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