Clark releases a new video para “Black Stone” Clark releases a new video para “Black Stone”


Clark releases a new video para “Black Stone”

A cinematographic clip for “Iradelphic”’s most acoustic cut

An icy landscape, closer to the forest than to a urban park. A young man with a red beard walks through the forest with a coat. Our character seems to be looking for something, as if he wasn’t just wandering, but searching for something instead. A big black stone rings a bell and walks towards it. The stone is indeed a secret door to a cave where there’s a man on a piano, blinf after years of darkness. The old man playis while the young one watches until he feels his presence. Sometimes the magic of creating music is all a man needs to keep sane, still sensible in a world full of worms. The Vikings (Xander Smith and Bjoern Ruehmann) direct this Clark’s video for Warp.

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