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Cherri V

Greedy Eyes

Cherri V  Greedy Eyes

We hope that her previous experiments in the music world don’t get in the way of the incipient resurfacing of London girl Cherri V, who with this self-penned, infectious “Greedy Eyes” is paving the way for her upcoming album. The song is a taster for “Shades Of Red”, an EP we know little about for now. Judging from this track, we’re dealing with a new soulful urban pop warrior who’s had the sense to choose Swindle to produce this single. Which is great, because while we already loved the British producer’s grimy funk work, now we can enjoy his creativity in a different format. Good for him, and good for her. By the way, the video is directed by Elmino, a classic when it comes to portraying the London musical underground.

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