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Cee-Lo Green

F*ck You

Cee-Lo GreenF *ck you. It’s not us telling you that, but the portly Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, or Cee-Lo Green, the soulful half of Gnarls Barkley and member of The Goodie Mob . We would like to clarify that his scorn isn’t directed at you, but at an unnamed girl, one of those harpies - we don’t even want to know what she’s done to poor Cee-Lo. We imagine that in order to avoid that whole "words are gone with the wind" thing, the video for “F*ck You”is precisely that: words. They’re the words of each phrase from the lyrics of the song that will be part of “The Lady Killer”, the new solo album by Cee-Lo that will arrive in the middle of autumn.

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