About a month ago we told you about the solo debut of Chris Taylor (the angelical blonde one from Grizzly Bear) under the moniker CANT. The piece in question is called “Dreams Come True” and it’ll be out on Warp Records (in Europe) and Terrible Records (Taylor's own label) on 12th and 13th September. As an appetiser for the album, Warp is offering the streaming of “Answer”. And there are changes, or at least new profiles. While his first track was introspective, dreamy and psychedelic pop (close to what his band does), this time CANT manufactures a more nocturnal and furtive sound, somewhere between synth-pop and slow house, reminiscent of a slow-motion Caribou. The vocal is by Twin Shadow's George Lewis Jr., who helped out with the recording of the album.

CANT - Answer (taken from Dreams Come True - Terrible Records / Warp Records) by Warp Records

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