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Shell of Light (Shlohmo Remix)


When we listen to music as uniquely idiosyncratic as Burial’s, it’s hard to imagine it from a different viewpoint. Maybe that’s why, so far, only Kode9 (someone very close to him and privy to his perspective) has had the privilege of officially remixing the elusive William Bevan. But that doesn’t mean many haven’t tried to do their thing with the music of the South London boy wonder. There have been a string of unofficial reconstructions, which, and we’re being generous here, weren’t exactly spot on. In spite of that, beatmaker Henry Laufer, alias Shlohmo, didn’t hesitate to “remix” “ Shell of Light”. The edit (because that’s what it really is) slightly improves the previous attempts, but, obviously, it pales in comparison to the original. We don’t really understand why producers want to go to this kind of trouble, really. Oh wait, the Californian’s new album is coming out in a month. In that case, as a promotional item, it’s not bad.

Shell of Light (Shlohmo Remix) - Burial by shlohmo

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