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British Sea Power

Living is So Easy

British Sea Power British Sea Power have always had certain eccentric components. During the tour of their first album, the jungle gear with which they decorated the stage, only to destroy it afterwards, certainly drew people’s attention. So it’s not that much of a surprise that for their new video they were inspired by Henri-Georges Clouzot’s doomed film “L’Enfer”. It was the great French director’s most ambitious and experimental project, but due to many reasons, including a heart attack, he was never able to finish it. By way of a tribute, the Brighton boys have recreated the setting of the unfinished film to visually accompany “Living Is So Easy”, the first single off “Valhalla Dancehall” and their most electronic song to date. Contradictory pop that confronts icy synthesisers with comforting melodies; melancholic sounds with ironic lyrics. The song is already available digitally but we’ll have to wait until 10th January for the album.

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