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Breakbot  Fantasy

A few months ago, for Record Store Day, Ed Banger released “The Bee Sides”, a pack of five 7”s limited to 500 copies, featuring unreleased tracks and rarities of some of their artists. One of those tracks was “Fantasy”, a new composition by the always silky and colourful Breakbot. The song is a sweet piece of boogie-disco featuring the collaboration of Ruckazoid on vocals and it shows, once again, the Frenchman’s talent for all things funky. After dancing to it for a few weeks, now we have an official video for the track. Directed by Tony Frontal and with Breakbot himself making a cameo, the fun clip shows a young art student fantasising about doing more with the naked model of his art class than just painting. While he’s at it, the director obviously pays tribute to the mythical video of A-Ha’s “Take On Me”. What would life be without fantasy?

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